THE PRINCESS WHO SAVED HER FRIENDS Hits 2nd Stretch Goal, Aims for $70k

The Princess Who Saved Her Friends
Credit: Takeshi Miyazawa/Jessica Kholinne
Credit: Takeshi Miyazawa/Jessica Kholinne

The Princess Who Saved Her Friends has surpassed its second Kickstarter stretch goal of $60,000, and is now aiming for $70,000 and a signed bookplate for all backers at the $35 level.

"We’re so proud of the Princess book, and excited that we get to make the second one, and we literally could not do it without our fans and backers. So big thanks to everyone who’s backed us!" said co-writer Jonathan Coulton.

The Princess Who Saved Her Friends is a sequel to 2015's The Princess Who Saved Herself by writers Coulton and Greg Pak with artist Takeshi Miyazawa.

"We absolutely loved that story of determination, bravery, and understanding," said Pak. "But for the sequel, we're asking what happens next, when our heroine discovers that the witch she befriended might not be such a great friend after all."

The Princess Who Saved Her Friends Kickstarter is scheduled to end October 17, 2018, with delivery of the book scheduled for late February 2019.

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