DR. MANHATTAN Turns DC Heroes to Ash THANOS-Style in DOOMSDAY CLOCK #9 Cover

Doomsday Clock #9
Credit: Gary Frank/Brad Anderson (DC Comics)
Credit: Gary Frank/Brad Anderson (DC Comics)

Doomsday Clock #9's cover has been tweeted out by colorist Brad Anderson. In the image, Dr. Manhattan waves his hand and converts several DCU heroes - including Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Zatanna, and Stargirl - to red dust.

This isn't the first time Dr. Manhattan has done that - as several other heroes suffered this fate in DC Universe: Rebirth #1, which like Doomsday Clock is written by Geoff Johns.

Doomsday Clock #8 is scheduled to be released November 28, and if Johns and artist Gary Frank stay on their every-other-monthly schedule then #9 should be released in January 2019.

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