Norm Breyfogle Passes Away at 58

Credit: Norm Breyfogle (DC Comics)
Credit: Norm Breyfogle (DC Comics)
Credit: Norm Breyfogle (Malibu Comics)

Artist Norman Breyfogle has passed away at the age of 58. News of Breyfogle's passing was first reported via his friend Daniel Best's Facebook page and later confirmed with the attending funeral home, though no details have been made public.

Breyfogle was widely regarded as of the the definitive Batman artists, primarily for his run as artist on Detective Comics alongside writer Alan Grant, as well as subsequent work on Batman and Batman: Shadow of the Bat during which Breyfogle co-created characters such as the Ventriloquist, Ratcatcher, Zsasz, and Jeremiah Arkham.

Breyfogle also co-created the character Prime for Malibu Comics. He continued to work for DC Comics until 2013, with his final work appearing in Batman Beyond Unlimited

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