VISION's CHELSEA CAIN Says She is 'Dead To MARVEL' After Speaking Out About Cancelation

Marvel Comics November 2018 solicitations
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Prose author-turned-comics writer Chelsea Cain is speaking out on Marvel Comics' recent decision to cancel her The Vision series two months before its planned debut.

"[Marvel] wanted it to be clean and quiet, with the implication - not even - with the understanding that they had more projects for me in the future if we could keep this clean and not make anybody look bad," Cain told Daily Beast. "When people say that they don’t want anybody to look bad, they always mean they don’t want themselves to look bad. I was totally like, 'Do you guys remember me? Are you serious?'"

Newsarama reported on The Vision's cancellation on September 13 - the decision coming less than two months before the book's solicited first issue was due on shelves.

"It was really good. This comic was really good. But that happens," Cain said. "I really didn’t like being told to not talk about it. I didn’t like being told that they just kind of wanted to leak it [to the press] and then let it go and not have anybody make the story bigger by granting interviews or answering questions, even just online or anything."

Cain did, however, answer questions about The Vision's cancelation - on social media, and in interviews such as this with Daily Beast. Cain was asked if her decision to speak about the topic has impacted her relationship with Marvel.

"Yeah, I’m dead to them. Trust me," Cain answered. "I guess there is that freedom of being like, well, I don’t have to worry about that anymore!"

Marvel has declined to comment regarding the cancellation of The Vision.

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