Update: BATMAN: DAMNED #1 Will Not Be Reprinted, Next Issue Pushed Back

Batman: Damned #1
Credit: Lee Bermejo (DC Comics)
Credit: Lee Bermejo (DC Comics)

Updated September 28, 2018: DC has informed Direct Market comic book retailers via email of its decision not to reprint Batman: Damned #1 "at this time." This comes after earlier word from the publisher that they intended to black out an illustration of Batman's genitals in any future printings.

DC also adjusted the release date of Batman: Damned #2, pushing it back two weeks to December 5. They go on to anounce that Batman: Damned #3 would be coming out three months later on March 13.

Credit: DC Entertainment

Original Story: This week's Batman: Damned #1 launched the DC Black Label line, and stoked some controversy with the appearance of the Dark Knight's penis in the print edition of the book; the digital releases blacked out the heavily-shadowed genitals drawn by Lee Bermejo.

According to CBR, DC blacked out the scene in the digital edition because it "was not additive to the story," and that any future printings of the issue would also be blacked out. DC has not disclosed why the unaltered image appeared in the first edition print run of Batman: Damned #1.

Batman's genitals were shown when the hero returned to the Batcave following a murder investigation. After stepping out of the Batmobile, the Dark Knight began taking off his costume down to the nude, with Bermejo drawing his genitals in heavy shadows.

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