THE WILD STORM #18 Pushed Back Two Weeks

The Wild Storm #18
Credit: Jon Davis-Hunt (DC Comics/WildStorm)
Credit: Daniel Warren Johnson (DC Comics)

The Wild Storm #18 has been pushed back to a October 31 release date.

Warren Ellis has announced that his DC Comics series The Wild Storm will be taking a hiatus following October's #18, intending to work ahead so that the next arc - scheduled as the series' final arc - can run on a regular monthly schedule.

"The Wild Storm will take a two month break after issue 18 to get me and Jon Davis-Hunt some space to breathe for the last run from 19 to 24," Ellis wrote in his newsletter.

Credit: Jon Davis-Hunt (DC Comics/WildStorm)

The Wild Storm's sister series, Michael Cray, is scheduled to end in October with #12.The planned Wildc.a.t.s. and Zealot series are still in development, with Ellis previously saying he had written the first issue of one.

Here is the updated solicitation for The Wild Storm #18.

written by WARREN ELLIS
art and cover by JON DAVIS-HUNT
variant cover by DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON
You can never go home again, but John Lynch needs to go somewhere to begin the last act of his life. Jack Hawksmoor never really had a home, especially since he became something other than human. As the war between IO and Skywatch gets hot, Marc Slayton has somewhere for Lynch to go, and Jenny Sparks may have a new home for Jack Hawksmoor...and Angela Spica.
ON SALE 10.31.18
$3.99 US | 32 PAGES
This issue will ship with two covers.
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