ETHAN HAWKE Wants to Play Any STAR WARS Role - Even a WOOKIEE

Ethan Hawke
Ethan Hawke
Credit: lev radin /

Actor and noted Star Wars fan Ethan Hawke is lobbying for a role in a Star Wars film by telling Conan O'Brien he's willing to audition for any role in any film in the franchise - including playing a Wookiee.

"I would definitely play a Wookiee. I would do that so well. I've never been in one," Hawke said on Conan. "At first it's OK cause there weren't very many of them, but now there's a lot of them and I still haven't been in one. I've said it on national TV over and over again. I'll audition. I'll play a Wookiee, I'll play a Jedi, I'll play a bad guy."

Here's the full clip of the segment:

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