MILES MORALES Gets a New Ongoing This December - With SALADIN AHMED

"Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1" cover
Credit: Brian Stelfreeze (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Brian Stelfreeze (Marvel Comics)

Writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Javier Garron will launch a new ongoing series titled Miles Morales: Spider-Man this December.

According to Ahmed, Miles will fill the classic teen hero archetype of Spider-Man in this series - even facing some classic Spidey foes.

"For my money, Spider-Man is, at his core, a teenage hero," Ahmed told IGN, where the series was announced. "In this book, Miles will be that Spider-Man: battling threats against the community and the city rather than the universe, and trying to do so while dealing with grades and bullies, family and botched dates. This is classic Spider-Man, but very much dealing with modern concerns and realities."

He'll even take on the Rhino in one of his first stories - and Miles' uncle Aaron Davis will return too, as the Iron Spider.

Ahmed's perspective on Miles goes deeper, however, drawing on his own experiences growing up.

"I think our background always informs how we tell stories, it's just a question of how conscious of that we are," Ahmed explained. "And there are always both bridges and gulfs between ourselves as writers and the characters we're writing. I'm not Black or Puerto Rican, I 'm not a teenager, I didn't go to a nice school like Miles does. But there are lots of points where we do connect powerfully, even points where his experiences connect with my kids' experiences, and I absolutely draw on those connections."

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1 is due out in December, the same month Miles Morales will star in the animated film Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-Verse, in theaters December 12.

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