SKYBOUND Aim To Make 'Comic Books for the iPHONE Generation' with New SKY Partnership

Skybound Entertainment
Credit: Skybound Entertainment

Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment and the United Kingdom media corporation Sky will team up to produce "mobile narrative gaming experiences" - interactive storytelling games described as "comic books for the iPhone generation" - according to Deadline.

The joint venture, called Skybound Stories, will use mobile gaming technology to create cross-platform narrative games based on Sky's IP, such as Britannia, Babylon Berlin, and Gomorrah, as well as original stories developed by Skybound specifically for the gaming platform.

Gary Davey, Managing Director of Content at Sky “I am very excited about this venture," said Guy Davies, Sky's Managing Director of Content. "This is comic books for the iPhone generation. Interactive story-telling, designed for mobile consumption is a fascinating new field for us. And it’s great to now explore it with the masters of the craft.”

Dan Murray, President of Skybound Interactive, added, “A constant goal at Skybound is to deliver new and existing fans with the best content possible," added Dan Murray, President of Skybound Interactive added. "Our deal with Sky allows us to dive deeper into already cherished worlds in a creative way, inviting players to become a part of the story.”

No launch dates for any of Skybound Stories' games have been announced.

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