DC Reveals NIGHTWING’s Injury, Surprising Aftermath … and New Writer

Nightwing #50
Credit: Chris Mooneyham/Nick Filardi (DC Comics)
Credit: DC Entertainment

After teasing it for several weeks, DC Comics has revealed Nightwing's "devastating injury" and how it will impact him - along with the new, replacement writer of his ongoing series.

Following current Nightwing writer Benjamin Percy's announcement earlier this week that he was leaving the book after October's milestone #50, the publisher has announced Scott Lobdell will be brought in to replace him on at least issues #51 through #53. With that, DC released new solicitation text for those issues which outlines how Dick Grayson will be injured in this month's upcoming Batman #55 - as well as the fallout.

Nightwing #53's new solicitation reveals that he was "shot in the head," with #51's new solicits reading that as a result "our hero doesn't remember training to fight, being a member of the Bat family, or being a superhero...and he could not be more content."

"After the cataclysmic events of Batman #55, our hero doesn't remember training to fight, being a member of the Bat family, or being a superhero...and he could not be more content," reads DC's new description of Nighwing #51. "It's his life, and he's happy to just live it with new friends and a roof over his head (wherever that roof might be). So when Bludhaven finds itself without a protector and a new group of vigilantes pick up the slack, Grayson is more than happy to yield any perceived responsibility to the people of the city. But as things start to spiral out of control, muscle memory kicks in...and he is startled to discover that he's more than just a pretty face."

Credit: DC Entertainment

As this new era unfolds for Grayson, his adopted hometown of Bludhaven finds itself in need of a vigilante with Nightwing no longer prowling the streets. Here's Nightwing #52's new solicitation:

"The city of Bludhaven is descending into madness...with citizens falling victim to not only a group of vigilantes taking justice into their own hands, but to a new brand of fear focused on the past. While Grayson is happy to simply look to the future and move forward with his life, how will he deal with a threat that originates in his past? A threat dead set on destroying the Boy Who Fears Nothing? A threat that goes by the name of Scarecrow? Will Grayson continue to leave it all behind, or will he be left with no other choice but to pick up the pieces of Nightwing's shattered life...starting with a mask?"

Credit: Chris Mooneyham/Nick Filardi (DC Comics)

And here's the new Nightwing #53 text, which reveals the shot.

"Nightwing was shot in the head...and now, only Grayson remains, caught in the clutches of the Knight Terrors! As the group of vigilantes take on the persona and mantle of Nightwing, he is forced to ante up his hand when one of his close friends is murdered... Will he cast his lot with his old super hero friends to take down these rogues, or will he decide to embrace his "newfound" abilities and fight against those who have wronged him? The answer lies somewhere in the gray area, when an unexpected threat from Scarecrow changes the game."

With these changes, Garry Brown has joined the art team of #51 (replacing Chris Mooneyham), working with Travis Moore. Mooneyham is slated to draw #52, however.

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