The Richards Family Reunites in FANTASTIC FOUR #2 (With a BIG Twist) - SPOILERS

Fantastic Four #2
Credit: Sara Pichelli and Marte Gracia (Marvel Comics)

The Fantastic Four finally reunites this week in writer Dan Slott and artists Sara Pichelli and Marte Gracia’s Fantastic Four #2, and the villainous Griever is introduced.

For all the details on how the Richards Family Reunion goes down – and what it means for the Marvel Multiverse – read on.

Spoilers ahead for Fantastic Four #2.

Fantastic Four #2 picks up the story of the Richards family almost exactly where it left off in 2016 at the end of Secret Wars - with Reed Richards guiding his family and the Future Foundation as the explore new multiverse realities created through the combined power of Franklin Richards and Owen Reece.

Credit: Sara Pichelli and Marte Gracia (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Sara Pichelli and Marte Gracia (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Sara Pichelli and Marte Gracia (Marvel Comics)

But after two years of exploring, not only have Franklin and Valeria Richards - now going by the codenames 'Powerhouse' and 'Brainstorm,' respectively - aged to their teen years, Franklin’s power to create universes seems to run out suddenly. Reece explains Franklin is “done,” and says his ability to create worlds has left him as his powers are evolving again.

Suddenly, the very fabric of the reality the Richards family inhabit at that moment starts to crumble and shred – and the villainous Griever, a new villain seen in promotional materials for the story, arrives. She explains that it is her job to “grieve” the end of the universe, and that she was waiting for Franklin’s ability to make worlds to fade before arriving.

Chasing the Richards family and the Future Foundation students from reality to reality destroying them each in the process, Griever says the worlds they’ve built are mistakes and that she’ll destroy them all. As the Future Foundation come up with a plan to take Griever on, Valeria suddenly diverts the ship to a reality where her boyfriend – an alien that Sue says resembles a teenage Namor – lives, with the intent to save him.

Credit: Sara Pichelli and Marte Gracia (Marvel Comics)

With their craft scuttled, the Richardses decide to face Griever on the spot, though Reed says he doesn’t want the students of the Future Foundation to fight. But Griever seems to defeat them handily – she even boasts of how easy it was to beat the “Fantastic Four.” Reed chastises her, saying she’s only fighting half the team.

Credit: Sara Pichelli and Marte Gracia (Marvel Comics)

In a move of arrogance, Griever summons a machine that will allow Reed to reassemble the Fantastic Four to prove she can beat them. From here, we see the same moment of Reed activating the machine from the end Fantastic Four #1, and perspective shifts Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm as they notice the “4” sign in the sky – bringing the two perspectives together.

Johnny and Ben are teleported to Reed and Sue’s side – but they aren’t alone. Reed has used Griever’s arrogance against her, using her machine to summon not only Thing and Human Torch, but almost every hero who has ever been a member of the team, even temporarily.

The combined might of the entire FF are set to take on Griever in October 17’s Fantastic Four #3.

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