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Dan Didio

Zatanna's new series by Paul Dini has a schedule, Ivan Reis and Geoff Johns' next project is a little more defined, and Denny O'Neill is back on The Question, if only for one issue.

As DCU Executive Editor Dan DiDio announced here on Newsarama last month, The Question #37 will be among the eight one-shot comics that will "return from the dead" during January, tying the former series into Blackest Night. While Greg Rucka was previously named as the sole writer on the Question issue, DiDio has just revealed that readers can now expect a comic co-written by Rucka and former Question writer O'Neill.

The announcement of O'Neill's involvement with the issue is part of this week's "10 Answers and 1 Question" with DiDio, in which we let the readers ask the questions of DC's top editor.

For more about this announcement and other details from DC, we turn things over to the readers...

1) tfolk33 wrote:

Mr. Didio,

I'm loving the direction of the DC Universe right now, especially pertaining to the Superman books. My one complaint would be the revolving door of artists that seem to plague the line. I know deadlines are tight, but at one point you had Julian Lopez set as the regular penciller for Action Comics and he ended up doing one issue. Is there any way to get a more set lineup for those books?

DiDio: Yeah, as a matter of fact, we're working on that right now. We did have a number of artists moving in and out, but we tried to maintain a consistency in the styles from artist to artist. I can understand why people would be concerned about that. But we are addressing that, and you'll see a much more stable team on it, I would say, by March/April. We need to get past the holiday "hump," so to speak, because things have to be done in a real hurry this time of year so we can get the books out the door with the holidays around the corner. Then once we get past that, the schedule should lighten up a little bit, and we can get everybody back on a regular delivery pattern.

2) ljacone wrote:

Hey Dan, thanks for answering our questions once again.

It seems that sales are not all that great for the two Red Circle titles, The Shield and The Web. I for one am really enjoying these titles and hope they stick around for a while. Can you enlighten us as to any plans to get these excellent titles in front of more eyeballs? And I know this is not your domain, but whom do I need send my suggestion to make www.summontheweb.com a Red Circle minisite?

DiDio: We've had multiple discussions about how to drive excitement and information about the Red Circle books online. We're working that out now, and we'll probably have announcements about that down the road.

And you'll see some exciting things happening with the Red Circle characters in coming issues. When we first set the stories up for the Red Circle characters, we made the statement that these characters would be part of the DCU, and that's going to happen. I just signed off on an issue of The Web where Batgirl makes an appearance, as does Oracle, which only seems to make sense, that the Web should meet Oracle.

And that's not just a one-time event.

Also, we saw Magog appearing in The Shield, and we're probably going to see the Shield meeting up with some of Magog's other friends, from the JSA. So there's a chance you're going to be seeing some of that.

We may also be changing up some of the second features in those books, and touching upon and re-introducing some of the other Red Circle characters. So readers should be getting the chance to see what happens with some of their other favorites that haven't appeared yet. There's a good chance they'll be showing up in the second features in both The Web and The Shield very soon.

One last thing is that we made one change on the books and we're bringing in Matt Sturges on The Web, and he's really excited about it. And that's one of the reasons why you're seeing a stronger interplay between some of the Red Circle characters and the JSA.

Nrama: When Matt comes on board, will the artist stay the same? Is Roger Robinson still the ongoing artist?

DiDio: Yes. Roger's been doing a great job on it.

3) enyggma wrote:

DiDio: Should I answer this one with a question, since his name's enyggma?

Nrama: No, that's Alex Trebek.

DiDio: OK. Then I'll take enyggma for $500, please.

enyggma wrote:

Can you give one sentence hints as to what 2010 holds for the following characters?:

DiDio: Wow, and multi-part answer. OK.

-Green Arrow?

DiDio: On the run.

-Grayson Batman?

DiDio: Coming into his own.

- Black Canary?

DiDio: Reunited with old friends.

- Superboy?

DiDio: Once again a team player.

- Raven?

DiDio: Changed, not for the better.

- Zatanna?

DiDio: Finally, a monthly series.

Nrama: Is the Zatanna monthly series being scheduled now? It's Paul Dini that's doing that, right?

DiDio: It sure is. Paul Dini's doing it. Stephane Roux is the artist to start the series, and Chad Hardin will be working with him as well. And that should be coming out beginning this coming April.

4) Nomad_GL wrote:

Is there a potential for a full-time revival of any of the books that are coming back in January for one more issue with Blackest Night?

DiDio: This is like, that one encore performance that everybody wanted to see, but I think we're going to leave everyone with a good enough feeling about it that we'll stop here. We really wanted to bring these books back for one issue.

That being said, constants like Suicide Squad are always worth revisiting at some point in our line. And The Question is still running as the second feature in Detective. So we've still got things going on with these characters. But these particular titles were just brought back for one-time special performances.

Nrama: But the Suicide Squad issue's story continues in Secret Six, right?

DiDio: Correct.

And by the way, we have a little surprise about those issues. Denny O'Neill is now involved in the writing on The Question issue.

Nrama: They're co-writing the issue?

DiDio: That's right. Greg Rucka is writing it with Denny.

5) superboy072 wrote:

Hi Dan-

DiDio: Hi.

I picked up my shiny new Sinestro Corps ring yesterday, apparently just going with sales of Doom Patrol. I'll admit, I haven't bought Doom Patrol before now, but I saw the list of what rings would go along with, and I was buying the rest, so I got it for a complete set. 

Will those color rings have anything to do with the titles they're given away with, or just trying to lure in a few extra readers?

DiDio: Just trying to lure in a few extra readers. You figured us out.

And did you pick them because they were especially strong tie-ins, or more to boost sales?

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