DC UNIVERSE's SWAMP THING Aims For Hard-R Style Horror

Swamp Thing title card
Credit: DC Universe

DC Universe's Swamp Thing TV series will aim for hard R-Rating level horror, according to co-showrunner Gary Dauberman.

"We always set out to make Swamp Thing as hard R as we could and go graphic with the violence, with the adult themes and make it as scary as possible," Dauberman told SlashFilm. "Because we’re doing it through the DC streaming service, they really pushed us, although they didn’t have to push hard, for us to go as extreme as we could.

"We really took our inspiration from the Alan Moore run in Swamp Thing, this landmark I think run," Dauberman continued. "Fans of that series will know it gets pretty weird and extreme and scary. We really wanted to live up to that standard that Moore set up back in the ‘80s."

Dauberman also revealed that Swamp Thing himself will be a real phyiscal presence in the show, played by an actor in a costume.

"There is a physical costume, yes," Dauberman explained. "Swamp Thing himself looks incredible what Justin Raleigh and the guys over at Fractured are doing with the suit. So it’s going to look amazing and less of the 'man in suit' that you’ve seen in the movie and the other TV show."

As for what fans can expect from the plot, Swamp Thing will tell the story of Alec Holland's origin - through the point of view of Abby Arcane. And what's more, there's a possibility the show could crossover with DC Universe's other shows.

"I think the opportunity is there if we want to but it’s not mandated," said Dauberman. "I think we could if, in the future, it organically works itself out to be that way. I haven’t discussed that with the guys from Titans and they haven’t discussed it with us."

The DC Universe streaming service launches September 15. Swamp Thing is scheduled to premiere some time in 2019.

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