GRANT MORRISON To Turn GREEN LANTERN Ring Into ‘Magical Wishing Ring’

Green Lantern #1
Credit: DC Entertainment
Credit: DC Entertainment

When writer Grant Morrison launches The Green Lantern #1 alongside artist Liam Sharp later this year, he'll expand the abilities of the Green Lantern Corps' iconic power rings, incorporating a variety of abilities outside of creating energy constructs.

"[The ring] doesn't just make constructs, it's a magical wishing ring to a certain extent, and it can do almost anything," Morrison told DC Nation magazine (via PreviewsWorld). "There're different kinds of rays, and different kinds of things that it can do, that don't necessarily rely on making three-dimensional constructs."

Green Lantern rings have often displayed powers beyond the requisite green energy constructs that are their stock in trade. The original Green Lantern Alan Scott's ring was depicted in Golden Age stories with a variety of abilities including shrinking things, allowing its wielder to pass through walls, turn invisible, and more.

It's unclear whether these power upgrades will be related to the new ring John Stewart obtained in this week's Justice League #7, which may have a connection to the recently introduced Invisible Spectrum.

The Green Lantern #1 is due out on shelves November 7.

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