NIGHTWING's 'Devastating Injury' Exposed

Nightwing #50
Credit: Chris Mooneyham/Nick Filardi (DC Comics)
Credit: Chris Mooneyham/Nick Filardi (DC Comics)

The "devastating injury" to Nightwing that DC Comics has teased over the past few weeks has been exposed in this newly-released cover for October's Nightwing #50.

According to promotional copy for upcoming issues of Batman, Dick Grayson gets caught “in the fray” during KGBeast’s rampage in Gotham City and sustains an injury so bad that Batman blames himself for Dick’s “fate.”

The same week Batman #56 is released, Nightwing #50 picks up with the aftermath of Nightwing’s injury because the issue’s solicitation says the hero will deal with a “blow he did not see coming.”

Credit: Tony S. Daniel (DC Comics)

Whatever happens to Nightwing, it’s leading to a “new direction in Nightwing’s crimefighting career,” according to solicitations.

The oversized issue #50 will kick off a new storyline that features the Scarecrow, but the fears and doubt mentioned in promotional copy for issues #51 and #52 appear to be more related to the hero’s injury than its villain.

Nightwing #49 is scheduled to come out September 19, with #50 following on October 3 alongside Batman #56.

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