The Future of Law Enforcement Returns in ROBOCOP Jan 2010

The Future of Law Enforcement Returns!


Coming in January! Part Man! Part Machine! All Cop! Alex J. Murphy IS Robocop!



In January 2010, Dynamite Entertainment proudly re-instates the future of law enforcement to clean up the mean streets of Detroit.  “Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law.” And it all begins in the all-new, high-octane adventure of RoboCop #1.


Based on the cult classic film of the same name, Dynamite’s RoboCop series combines director Paul Verhoeven’s original world of a futuristic dystopian Detroit with a larger, overarching conspiracy theory (in the spirit of All the President’s Men) and high action, extreme violence and satire. Bringing RoboCop out of retirement for another run is the stunning creative team of writer Rob (CLASSWAR, JUDGE DREDD, STAR WARS) Williams and artist Fabiano (MARVEL ZOMBIES VS ARMY OF DARKNESS) Neves.  Covers by Stephen "Wolverine" Segovia!


“We’re coming in off the back of the first Verhoeven movie and pretty much ignoring everything else that’s ever happened Robocop-wise,” says series writer Rob Williams. “So, Dick Jones is gone. OCP are still there, albeit in a restructured form. Some unnamed time has passed since the end of the first movie, but that’s our status quo pretty much. Old Detroit’s overrun by crime, the country’s following it down the tubes due to a ‘super recession’ and Murphy, Lewis and the rest of the ODPD are fighting a losing battle on the streets. And then things get an awful lot worse…”



“We specifically went after RoboCop, knowing that both the character and story are a perfect fit for the Dynamite audience. Robocop became an instant icon for its (and my) generation and is quite possibly one of the most influential and hardest hitting sci-fi movies of all time, and we hope to do it right so that it can be an overwhelming success,” said Dynamite President, Nick Barrucci. “I believe we're going in the right direction as we're also quite fortunate to have the opportunity to work with writer Rob Williams, who is extremely excited and passionate about this project, and what he has planned for Officer Murphy, Officer Lewis and OCP…. And the all-new all-dangerous ED-209 will undoubtedly be considered the true continuation of director Paul Verhoeven’s vision of Robocop from the first movie.”



Robocop #1 will feature two covers: one by artist Stephen (WOLVERINE: MANIFEST DESTINY) Segovia and another by up and coming Dynamite Artist Johnny D.


"I'm really hoping its a return to the anti-police-anti-authority-satire-disguised-as-a-conservative- call-to-arms that so defined the original movie, as well as Verhoeven's Starship Troopers, but I'd settle for anything close to Millar/Simonson's Robocop Vs Terminator in terms of pure mentalness. The book's out in January, I hope to be Twinterviewing (twittering the interview so fans can be involved) the writer Rob Williams later this week, and hey, it's Dynamite." – Rich Johnston, Bleeding Cool



“Robocop's Comic Return Will Be Soon, Violent While Robocop's movie return may still be a while off, the policeman-formerly-known-as Alex Murphy will be seen again sooner than you may expect; Dynamite have announced that they're bringing the character back to comics, and back to his roots. Originally announced in a press release earlier this week, Dynamite's new Robocop series will be an ongoing monthly comic that will, apparently, continue to explore more of the dangers of Detroit, its citizens, and Officer Murphy's continued dealings with the scum that stalks the streets - all the while missing his human side.” – Graeme McMillian,


“Dynamite Entertainment confirmed a new agreement with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures to develop a new original comic book series based on the ROBOCOP franchise. The franchise launched in 1987 with the feature film ROBOCOP, directed by Paul Verhoeven. Two additional feature films and multiple television shows followed the cyborg law enforcer as he battled to clean up crime-ridden Detroit. Known for their faithful yet decidedly modern interpretations of such exciting and venerable properties as Zorro, The Lone Ranger, MGM's Man with No Name and the just released Buck Rogers, Dynamite will bring their full creative vision to bear on the Robocop franchise through an ongoing comic book series. This series will continue to explore more of the dangers of Detroit, its citizens, and Officer Murphy's continued dealings with the scum that stalks the streets -- all the while missing his human side.” – Comic Book Resources



Writer: Rob Williams

Penciller/Inker: Fabiano Neves

Covers: Stephen (Wolverine) Segovia (75%) and Johnny D (25%)

Rating: Mature; Age range: 16+

Publication Date: JANUARY, 2010



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DYNAMITE is consistently ranked in the upper tiers of comic book publishers and several of their more recent launches - including Alex Ross and Jim Krueger's PROJECT SUPERPOWERS - have debuted in the Top Ten lists produced by Diamond Comics Distributors. In 2005 Diamond awarded the company a "GEM" award for Best New Publisher and another "GEM" in 2006 for Comics Publisher of the Year (under 5%). The company has also been nominated for several industry awards, including the prestigious "Eisner" Award.

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