DeConnick & Rocha's First AQUAMAN Image Surfaces - and He's Crazy-Eyed

Credit: Robson Rocha/Daniel Henriques/Sunny Gho (DC Comics)
Credit: Robson Rocha/Daniel Henriques/Sunny Gho (DC Comics)

The first image from writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Robson Rocha's Aquaman run has surfaced over on inker Daniel Henriques' Twitter. The ad frames the run as "Out of Atlantis. Out of options. Out of his mind."

The ad also confirms that Henriques will be inking the run, joined by colorist Sunny Gho.

In the story, Arthur Curry washes up on an island with no memory of who he is. While attempting to rediscover who he is, he meets former sea gods that have been forgotten and were also marooned on the island.

"It’s in many ways an examination of who the character is, kind of in the vein of Daredevil: Born Again and Batman Year One," said DC CCO/co-Publisher Jim Lee.

The run is scheduled to begin with December 19's Aquaman #43 - Warner Bros.'s Aquaman is scheduled to open in North American theaters December 21.

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