Big DAREDEVIL Announcement Coming Soon

Marvel Comics November 2018 solicitations
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Daredevil writer Charles Soule has given fans a a heads-up that there will be a "big announcement" forthcoming about his title. The writer mentioned it in passing in the latest installment of his newsletter.

"I realize I haven’t written much about my Marvel work - but there’s a lot of interesting stuff coming up in that world too. A big announcement should hit soon about Daredevil (and not just the incredible news that they’ve put a character named Samuel Chung, created by me and Ron Garney in our Daredevil run as Matt Murdock’s apprentice, in the upcoming Iron Fist Season 2 show on Netflix)," Soule wrote.

The solicitations for November's Daredevil #612 portend something big coming, with Marvel saying that "this one'll have you talking for months!!"

Soule also announced the completion of the first draft of his second prose novel.

"I have a title for my second novel, and of course I know what it’s about, but I want to wait a bit before I put all of that out into the world," said Soule. "I will say that the book is about identity, and technology, and the way those two things might influence each other."

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