DOOM PATROL Casts ALAN TUDYK As Its Big Bad (But No, He's Not BATMAN's Cousin Anymore) - Report

Alan Tudyk
Credit: DC Entertainment

Alan Tudyk returns to the DC as he's been cast as Doom Patrol's big bad, Mr. Nobody, according to Deadline.

In comic books, Mr. Nobody is a long-time Doom Patrol adversary who was also a member of the Brotherhood of Evil and the Brotherhood of Dada. He is gifted with the power to drain the sanity from people, but becomes insane himself as as side effect.

Tudyk recently played Bruce Wayne's couisin Van Wayne in NBC's Powerless, and an unnamed 'Redneck #1' in Deadpool 2. He has previously voiced Superman, the Flash, Green Arrow, and Captain Cold in various DC animated projects.

If this casting report is accurate, Tudyk joins a Doom Patrol cast comprised of Brendan Fraser (Robotman), Joivan Wade (Cyborg), April Bowlby (Elasti-Woman), and Diane Guerrero (Crazy Jane).

Doom Patrol is anticipated to debut on the DC Universe streaming service in 2019.

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