FLASH Movie Still Happening, But Filming On Hold Until 2019 (At Least) Says IRIS WEST Actor

The Flash
Credit: Warner Bros.

Kiersey Clemons says that while Warner Bros.'s planned The Flash movie is still alive, it won't be filming until at least 2019 - possibly later. Clemons, who is scheduled to play the big-screen Iris West, was asked about the film by Variety during Tuesday's "Power of Young Hollywood" event. The actor was asked specifically if the film was on hold.

"Yes," Clemons said. "What I will say is that [Warner Bros. gets] to approve every job that I do and, so far, I'm not doing Flash for the rest of the year, we know that. I'm doing other things. But let's hope for 2019."

Here is Variety's interview in full:

Warner Bros. hasn't announced a planned release date for The Flash movie.

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