AMERICAN MYTHOLOGY November 2018 Solicitations

American Mythology November 2018 cover
Credit: American Mythology

(W) Carey Christopher Paul (A) Cyrus Mesarcia (CA) Michael William Kaluta
Carson of Venus faces his most epic adventure yet in The Flames Beyond. Carson Napier and his love Duare believe they have at last found a refuge from the dangers of Amtor in the peaceful city of Sanara, where Carson is the adopted son of the jong of Korva. But when Carson and Duare's element-powered airplane is attacked by a flock of raging angan bird-warriors, they find themselves caught in the web of Varlek Sar, a power-hungry scientist from the technocratic dystopia of Havatoo. Carson of Venus The Flames Beyond #1 comes with three covers - Main by legendary comic artist Michael Kaluta, Variant by Cyrus Mesarcia, and limited-edition B&W cover also by Kaluta.
In Shops: Dec 26, 2018


(W) Len Wein (A/CA) Michael William Kaluta
This is the thrilling conclusion to the masterpiece adaptation of Pirates of Venus by comic book legends Michael Kaluta and Len Wein! Edgar Rice Burroughs' incredible imagination takes off as "Wrong Way Carson" makes his historic trip to Venus and encounters a world of fantastic creatures and civilizations. Carson of Venus #2 Pirates of Venus comes with two covers - Main and Limited-Edition B&W Cover by living legend Michael Kaluta.
In Shops: Nov 28, 2018


(W) Jean-Marie Nadaud (A) Robert Rigot (CA) Francisco Cueto
American Mythology is proud to deliver classic stories that have never been seen in English and share the legendary exploits of the original masked hero with his fans worldwide. Zorro Legendary Adventures #4 comes with two covers - Main and Limited-Edition Blazing Blades of Zorro by Francisco Cueto.
In Shops: Nov 28, 2018


(W) S.A. Check, Pat Shand, Mike Wolfer (A) Rich Bonk, Scottie Watson, Demi Mandir
It's a triple feature of frights as American Mythology collects its original Drive In Frights titles in one nightmare drenched collection. Volcanosaurus is more terrifying that a hurricane of flying sharks! More bone chilling than an invasion of giant snow scorpions! And more destructive than gargantuan slithering snakes throwing down! Erupting from the very Earth comes an unimaginable threat - giant lava breathing dinosaurs! Meteor Swarm delivers an unstoppable horde of terrifying space hornets that has descended upon Earth and they are going to eat their way through every living thing in their path. And in Beast Hunter X the monsters of legend are being exterminated, facing certain extinction at the hands of a new breed... The super-beasts, more cunning, bloodthirsty and unstoppable than their predecessors!
In Shops: Nov 28, 2018


Jonah Heston, Crow T. Robot, and Tom Servo are back with hilarious new MST3K antics captured on ultra-high def futuristic collectible cardboard squares! 40 10-card packs of trading cards in a pop-up retail style box. Card series includes 78-card 'Experiment' base set, 118-card 'Invention Exchange' subset, 36 Anaglyph 3D cards, 99 'Riff It' Retro Stalgic style card subset, 47-card DVD Menu Art subset and chase and hit cards including 24 different limited edition MST3K Art Cards by Macarie Claudiu, 4 different Unique Faux Film Cell diecut cards, 63 different Sketch Card Gallery subset, 21-card KTMA era subset, 9 different Full Metal Box Topper cards, Genuine unique printing plate with Certificate of Authenticity, Genuine Sketch Cards, and more. Full checklist printed on the inside of each wrapper. Free pair of 3D glasses inside each box!
In Shops: Nov 28, 2018


(W) Todd Clark, Mike Wolfer (A) Horacio Domingues (A/CA) Diego Tapie (Variant) Diego Tapie    
The holidays are here and we're celebrating by giving you the gift of Pink! In the Pink Panther Winter Special, we deliver some wonderful snowy shenanigans with Pink and his pals. This is the must-read cartoon caper of the year and no matter if you are a saint or a scrooge, you'll be laughing along with us this holiday season. Stuff your pink stocking with silliness with the Pink Panther Winter Special! The Pink Panther Pink Winter Special #1 comes with three covers - Main by Diego Tapie, Holidaze Surprise by Horacio Domingues, and a 350 copy Limited-Edition Retro Animation variant.
In Shops: Nov 28, 2018


Hey you, numbskulls! Have you missed out on the return of The Three Stooges to comics? Well quit yer lollygagging and check them out with this fun value priced reader set of three seasonal comics: Merry Stoogemas, Curse of FrankenStooge, and April Fools Day Special! There's enough nyuks here to keep you laughing til' the New Year!
In Shops: Nov 28, 2018

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