CHAPTERHOUSE COMICS November 2018 Solicitations

Chapterhouse Comics November 2018 cover
Credit: Chapterhouse Comics

(W) Emmanuelle Chateauneuf (A/CA) Emmanuelle Chateauneuf
Meet Aimee, an overworked junior partner at a prestigious law firm in Manila. One storybook romance, four back-to-back flights, and nine years later, in the small of mind but big in spirit town, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada, she now lives; still overworked. But as a lower class serial-full-timer and mother to her only child, Melodie, an intelligent and eccentric seven-year-old, whose big personality is only rivalled by her even bigger imagination. Join them and a cast of unlikely characters just as confused and lost, as they stumble blindly for twelve consecutive hours through the beautifully disastrous comedy of Life.


(W) Dan Parent, Fernando Ruiz (A/Variant)) Dan Parent (A/CA) Fernando Ruiz
Finding herself  in Hell, Kitty is not satisfied with how things are or how the Lord of Hell is treating  her! Kitty ultimately works out a dicey plan to get out! Luckily, she has a few tricks up her sleeve that might give her another shot at Heaven!

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