10 Answers with DC's DAN DIDIO: Call For Questions

Dan Didio

By Vaneta Rogers

We're coming to you, the readers, to supply the questions for next week's "10 Answers and 1 Question" feature with DCU Executive Editor Dan DiDio.

A few things to remember, so we get the best questions possible:

- There won't be another "teaser image" for upcoming DCU events until a month before Blackest Night ends, which will be sometime next year. (Probably around March -- mark your calendar and ask then!)

- Dan will not answer questions about collections, television shows, movies, or other imprints like Vertigo and WildStorm. So as much as you want to know about seeing your favorite old stories collected in print, your question will not get an answer here.

- Stick with the things Dan knows best: The DCU's characters, creative teams and comics. And you can always ask about his upcoming writing projects.

- Complaints that are thinly disguised as questions aren't going to make it. Feel free to sound off, but if you really want answers, try phrasing your inquiry in a way that will benefit more than just your need to vent. Sometimes you can just rephrase the question: "When are you getting a decent artist on Book X?" will not be as productive as "What's coming up next year in Book X and will there be any changes in the creative team?" Think of ways to get Dan talking about the subject that's on your mind, and we all win.

- Try not to ask the same questions that have been recently asked and answered. For example, just this week, we asked about Ambush Bug #6, THUNDER Agents, and Hanna-Barbera characters, so unless you're asking something new, you're probably wasting your time if you ask about them again.

- Post-Blackest Night stuff is going to get us nothing but a cold stare if you're too specific. Think of a broader question about next year's DCU and you might get some new information for us.

- Feel free to interact with each other. If you see somebody asking about something in a way that's already been answered, let them know. Then if you want to maybe rephrase their question or add to it in a way that might get new information, have at it. A little brainstorming never hurt.

- Have fun. Anyone who has seen Dan at a convention can tell you that if there's anything he enjoys, it's interacting with readers in a fun way.

So what's on your mind, DC fans? What do you want to ask DCU Executive Editor Dan DiDio?

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