Cartoon Conspiracy Uncovered in THE HAPPIEST PLACE

The Happiest Place
Credit: Harry Chaskin
Credit: Harry Chaskin

Press Release

A theme park security guard uncovers a web of cartoon corruption in… THE HAPPIEST PLACE

Filmmaker/Animator Harry Chaskin is proud to present: THE HAPPIEST PLACE, an original graphic novel chronicling the adventures of a jaded theme park security guard who uncovers a cartoon conspiracy that threatens his very life. Part Serpico, part Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, the twisted tale is written by Chaskin with art by a who’s-who of talented folks, including star of ‘Repo! The Genetic Opera’ Terrance Zdunich, Emmy nominated production designer John Sumner, and acclaimed painter Seth Armstrong.

"I’ve always loved pulpy detective stories, theme parks, and the urban occult. The Happiest Place is my way of combining all three, with a little commentary on the strangeness of simulation and the melancholy of unfulfilled potential.’ - Harry Chaskin, writer - THE HAPPIEST PLACE

Welcome to Garveyland, ‘The Happiest Theme Park in the World!’ where frazzled families can enjoy a fun-filled day of animated escapism thanks to ace security guard Miles Manning-- A chain smoking hardass with one thumb and one job: to keep the park safe at all costs. But when Miles’ former mentor is mysteriously murdered, he decides to do some real detective work and get to the bottom of it. After all, he’s got a badge... even if it has a cartoon rabbit on it.

Miles’ quest for answers draws him deep into the seedy underbelly that lurks (quite literally) beneath the park, ultimately uncovering a conspiracy that threatens his very existence. If Miles is to survive, he’ll have to face his own demons and answer the hardest question of all: Is he a company man, an artist, or a murderer?

THE HAPPIEST PLACE will be available in select stores, Amazon, and Comixology on September 14th. A four-page preview appears online at

Harry Chaskin is a writer, director, and stop-motion animator who has has helmed projects for Netflix, Adult Swim, Warner Bros, DC Comics, Disney, and many others. He strives to tell character driven stories using classic handmade techniques.

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