Nintendo Switch
Credit: Nintendo

Soon Nintendo Switch users will be able to read comic books through the InkyPen app when it launches on the console in November, according to Variety.

InkyPen is a subscription based app that will bring comic books and manga from IDW, Dynamite, Valiant, Humanoids, and more to the Switch.

“We have no intention of selling content piecemeal. There are other places for that. We’re bringing an all-you-can-read model to the international community,” said InkyPen CEO Ronan Huggard in a statement. “I could never afford to truly explore comics growing up, or even at university. Not because I didn’t have enough money, but because they were just too expensive for a student to justify buying. InkyPen solves this."
InkyPen will cost subscribers $8 a month and will be available on the Nintendo Switch in November.
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