HULK Teased as Marvel's 'Best Defense'

Best Defense
Credit: Ron Garney/Richard Isanove (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Ron Garney/Richard Isanove (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics have released a new teaser featuring the Hulk with the text "Best Defense." The illustration is drawn by Ron Garney and colored by Richard Isanove, and carries a release date of December 2018.

While this could be another Marvel football tie-in like the ESPN college football illustrations earlier this month, a more likely scenario is this is a revival of the classic Defenders line-up - for which Hulk was a founding member.

The Defenders was recently rebranded as the New York street-level crimefighting team comprised of Jessica Jones/Daredevil/Luke Cage/Iron Fist for the 2017 Netflix series and companion Marvel comic book series reflecting that line-up/premise. However, Netflix doesn’t seem to have any plans to follow-up that series and the comic book series was cancelled in February 2018.

In the always-cyclical world of comic books, Marvel using that opportunity to relaunch the brand back in its original incarnation seems highly possible.

Then again, Hulk would be a great linebacker if Marvel was prepping their own football team.

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