All Seven HEROES IN CRISIS Variants with Heroes' Worst Moments Spelled Out

Heroes in Crisis variant
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

DC Comics has revealed what each of the seven Ryan Sook Heroes in Crisis #1 depicting its top heroes' misdeeds will be. The publisher previously revealed the first three covers, and while the artwork for the remaining four haven't been revealed DC does spell it out.

- Heroes in Crisis #4: Aquaman losing his arm

Credit: DC Comics

- Heroes in Crisis #5: Jason Todd's death

- Heroes in Crisis #6: Hal Jordan killing Kilowog

- Heroes in Crisis #7: "... a special Harley Quinn crisis moment to be announced later."

These variants provide "a first-hand look at incident reports from the files of Sanctuary" according to DC.

Heroes in Crisis #1 is scheduled for release September 27.

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