Page from 'The Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery In Madripoor #4'
Credit: Marvel Comics

Wolverine hasn’t fully returned yet, but another X-Man gets a reset in writer Jim Zub and artists Leonard Kirk, Thony Silas, Felipe Sobreiro, and Andrew Crossley’s The Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery In Madripoor #4.

As seen in promotional images for Uncanny X-Men #1 released earlier this month, Psylocke has returned to her original, Caucasian body - and now, the story of how this came to pass is revealed. Read on to find out how the old Betsy Braddock's body came back.

Credit: David Marquez (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Marvel Comics

Spoilers ahead for The Hunt For Wolverine: Mystery in Madripoor #4.

While battling the psychic villain known as Sapphire Styx, Styx consumes Pyslocke’s soul, trapping Betsy inside her mind. As she wanders Styx’s mind prison, full of other souls she’s consumed, Betsy stumbles across a fragment of Wolverine’s soul still trapped there.

Wolverine’s essence convinces Betsy to fight back, leading her to burst forth from the villain’s mind, freeing the other souls in the process, and building herself a new body out of sheer psychic will – a new body which resembles her original, Caucasian self. (Fans will remember that Betsy Braddock switched bodies with an Asian assassin named Kwannon back in 1989.)

Credit: Marvel Comics

Defeating Sapphire Styx, Psylocke and the other X-Men leave Madripoor - but it seems part of Psylocke may have been left behind, as a woman who appears to be Kwannon wields a psychic knife against some criminals.

The final page indicates the story will continue, but does not indicate in which title. Betsy is shown as part of November's Uncanny X-Men relaunch.

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