HEROES IN CRISIS Variants Recount DC Heroes' Misdeeds

Heroes in Crisis variant

Some of the variant covers for DC Comics' Heroes in Crisis #1 through #3 have been released - including the first in a series of "Sanctuary Case Files" variants by Ryan Sook recounting some worst moments in DC superhero history.

"I think these momentous occasions fit so naturally into the scope of the project as a whole. Many devoted readers know these events, but even new readers can instantly connect to them or may be aware of them already," Sook told DCComics.com. "Like the death of Superman or Batman’s back being broken - these defining moments have already come out in other media like film, animation and games, because they are lasting, character-defining moments. They go beyond the comic book page into something human that we can all relate to. It’s what makes the series so compelling, to see how the heroes have to deal with [trauma]."

In addition to Sook's variants, there are Heroes in Crisis #1 variants by J.G. Jones, Mark Brooks, and Francesco Mattina.

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