J.G. JONES Taking Break from Art Due to Health Issues

Final Crisis #6
Credit: J.G. Jones (DC Comics)
Credit: J.G. Jones/Andrew Dalhouse (Valiant Entertainment)

J.G. Jones has announced that he is taking an extended break from his work as a writer and artist due to progression of his cancer.

"OK, well I have to shut things down for a while to have a stem cell transplant. I’ve had a rare blood cancer called Polycythemia Vera for the last seven or eight years and it’s manageable. But in the last year it’s transformed into what they called Myelofibrosis where my bone marrow is beginning to fail," Jones told ComicsBeat. "So yeah, that’s it. It’s going to be a long procedure and I’ll be in the hospital for a long time and then recovering at home for much longer time afterwards. So probably about six months all told before I can even leave the house again. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be doing things."

Jones' recent work has only been on covers and commissions - a decision he says is due to his "iffy" health, and that it's "a lot easier than committing to a monthly book."

Jones plans to resume work on an unfinished graphic novel while he's recuperating. Jones is best known for illustrating Image Comics/Top Cow's Wanted and DC Comics' Final Crisis.

"I’m actually writing rewriting a new graphic novel that I want to start as soon as I’m able. So I hope to be able to at least do some writing while I’m locked away in recovery," said Jones. "And my studio is in the house, so I should be able to work on something while I’m improving. I’m just going to see how it goes."

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