DONALD TRUMP Lampooned in Mike Norton's LIL' DONNIE

Lil’ Donnie Vol. 1: Executive Privilege
Credit: Mike Norton (Image Comics)

the United States' midterm elections are imminent, and just in time for that is a print editoin of Mike Norton's euben Award-nominateed webcomic Lil' Donnie. The first 125 strips of Lil' Donnie, which lampoons Donald Trump's tenure as U.S. President, is being collected by Image Comics this week in a volume subtitled Executive Privilege. The book is being collected in 6"x9" format, with two strips per page.

"Basically, I spent a while wondering if I even wanted to collect them all, and I talked to several interested publishers, but I just wanted to do everything myself and Image is letting me do that," Norton told Newsarama.

Credit: Mike Norton (Image Comics)


Norton sid that Lil' Donnie isn't a typical political cartoon, owing a bit ot his background in serialized comic books.

"It’s definitely not a typical political cartoon. I come from comic books so I’m used to a longer narrative than the usual one panel gag," he explained. :My sense of humor skews more absurd/obscure. I think that’s different, sure."

Norton said that it was exhausting it is to keep up with current events and what the administration’s responses are to such events.

"I hate it," he said. "I have creator-owned comics I’m trying to get going and I screwed myself by saddling this albatross around my neck. I usually get my news from Twitter, but always requires a secondary step of confirming that it’s actually true."

Credit: Mike Norton (Image Comics)


It’s difficult to choose what to satirize and what to leave alone when starting a new panel according to Norton but said that mostly he thinks about what makes him the maddest or is easier to make fun of. He tries to avoid from what other cartoonists are poking fun of but said "that’s just impossible at this point."

Talking about backlash from conservative voices or getting any sort of threats, Norton said they were minimal and wasn’t worried about it.

"Nothing really other than some Twitter accounts with MAGA hat icons telling me I need less soy in my diet. I just block. That simple."

Credit: Mike Norton (Image Comics)


When asked what his favorite Lil' Donnie strip is so far in this run, Norton reveals that he was most fond of Trump using the Demon Etrigan’s poem to summon kellyanne Conway from a human skull.

"It’s weird," he said.

Countering that, he talked about a joke or two that he wanted to implement but inevitably scrapped.

"There were a few that I started, but I honestly can’t remember because I only got halfway done before I said, this can't be right. Usually they involve Fox News though."

Credit: Mike Norton (Image Comics)


In addition to Lil' Donnie, Norton has signed on to re-team with his Revival collaborator Tim Seeley on a new creator-owned series called Grave Danger to debut on comiXology.

"It’s a an action adventure horror genre bender about a woman who acts as sort of a James Bond who fights monsters," said Norton. "The main character is pretty unique, I think. It’s way different than our Revival book."

In addition to that, Norton has more creator-owned work planned for this fall.

"I’m working on another creator-owned book that I’m super excited about that will be announced in August. Seriously, I hope everyone reads it. I’m also, working on new Battlepug material."

That being said, Norton said he's not stopping Lil' Donnie until Trump's tenure as President is over - whether it be voted out, running his eight years, or another idea which he brought up: Trump going to prison.

"I’ll end it," he said. "That would mean I won. I’m not stopping until he does."

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