ANTARCTIC PRESS November 2018 Solicitations

Antarctic Press November 2018 cover
Credit: Antarctic Press

Gold Digger #260 (monthly series, full color, 32 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Fred Perry
The mysterious "Elder God of Tuna" is back for revenge and has summoned the spirit of Scarface to strike back against its nemesis, Britanny Diggers! Can Britanny put this nightmare back into its can once and for all, or will she be fin-ished instead?


Gold Digger Xmas Special #12 (annual, B&W, 32 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Fred Perry & Various
Brace yourselves, winter is coming...and with it, this year's Xmas Special!  Light the fireplace, get a fresh mug of wassail (if anyone around knows how to make it right), and settle in for another stockingful of Gold Digger tales for the holidays!


How the Trump Stole Xmas Green Back Foil Special Edition (one-shot, black and white, 24 pgs., $9.99)
Story/Art: Brian Denham
It may have looked like an orange Christmas last year, but this year, the Trump's ready for more of that sweet, sweet green!  And it's shiny, too!  Only the best, most beautiful, variant cover, like no one's ever seen before, is fit to hold the retailing—er, reTELLing—of this holiday classic!


Punchline #2 (monthly, full color, 32 pages, $3.99 U.S.)
Story: Bill Williams
Art: Matthew Weldon
When the quiet village of Cornell is terrorized by ice giants, Jessie faces her first real super-powered villain, the evil Mister January.  Plus Jessie's works on her "trademark costumed hero landing". And for a retired hero, Mel sure is hiding something big.

Rags #3 (of 7) (miniseries, full color, 32 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story: Trent Luther & Brian Ball
Art: Luigi Teruel
Having escaped the chaos of the Super-Store, Regina finds herself struggling to prevent having a mental breakdown. She finds what she believes to be a second safe space to hunker down, but then encounters a pair of survivors with less-than-good intentions.

Red 5 T-shirt, S-XL (color, $21.99 U.S.)
Art: Joe Wight
You've got a pocket full of quarters and you're heading for the arcade.  You don't need a lot of money to get yourself this great shirt we made!  It's got a snazzy, blocky title and an awesome classic spaceship too.  The giant logo's all red, and ship's a fetching blue.

Red 5 T-shirt, XXL (color, $23.99 U.S.)
Art: Joe Wight
In 2018, a new wardrobe was beginning.  How are you gentlemen (and ladies)?  Did you get signal?  Your old shirts have no chance to survive make your time.  With this shirt, we've set up you the bomb!  All our shirts are belong to you!

Red 5 T-shirt, XXXL (color, $24.99 U.S.)
Art: Joe Wight
Just thought we'd throw in our 8 bits on a new vector in Star Wars shirt fashion we've coined.  We're not trying to push your buttons, but we think this one's gonna score high with you.


Star's End #2 (miniseries, full color, 32 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story: Selena McDevitte & Larry Spike Jarrell
Art: Larry Spike Jarrell & Bill Marimon
Murder and mutiny are the order of the day on the Excursionist, as crew members square off over the recent death of their captain.  They must reassert their Pod training and work together before they're destroyed from within or "censored" from without.


Team MOBILE #1 (miniseries, full color, 24 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Creators: Jonathan Kendrick
Story: John Freeman
Art: Andrew Chiu
A sinister organization is sending its bio-robots, or cyboks, to wreak havoc worldwide.  All that stands in their way is M.O.B.I.L.E., a global security organization whose agents can call upon the skills of experts in any field they need, thanks to the miracle of the Mindmerge.  But the tech's limitations make it dangerously incompatible for anyone too far past adolescence, so the fate of the world rests in the hands of willing but inexperienced teens!


Trump Punch Man: Delete This! (one-shot, black and white, 24 pgs., $4.99 U.S.)
Story & Art: WAN
Cover Art: Timothy Lim
Nothing about Donarudo passes the eyeball test when it comes to politicians, from his uneven tan to his bald—er, unusual hairstyle to his unimpressive physique.  However, whatever else he lacks, he's got it big when it comes to problems: He just can't seem to find an opponent strong enough to take on!  He's so powerful that he can defeat any opposition with one Tweet!  Will he find someone who can go toe-to-toe with him and give his career some meaning?


William the Last #3 (miniseries, full color, 24 pgs., $3.99 U.S.)
Story/Art: Brian Shearer
News of William's arrival reaches unfriendly ears while his new friends try to conceal his identity.  When the villagers discover one of their own has been killed, it becomes clear his presence means trouble.

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