Daredevil Annual #1
Credit: Marcio Takara (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Shane Davis (Marvel Comics)

Misty Knight is about to run with the devil for first time in a long time with August 29's Daredevil Annual #1 by Erica Schultz and Marcio Takara.

Schultz, coming off of this summer’s Where We Live Las Vegas anthology, takes her crime writing roots to Hell’s Kitchen and looks back in classic Marvel history to showcase the first meeting between beat cop Misty Knight and Matt Murdock, who has recently donned the horned mantel of Daredevil.

Schultz and Takara spoke with Newsarama about this flashback first meeting between this devil and a proverbial daughter of the dragon.

Newsarama: Erica, Marcio, your Daredevil Annual issue takes place in the distant past. Where are we in Matt Murdock's life when your story takes place?

Credit: Marcio Takara (Marvel Comics)

Erica Schultz: Matt is already Daredevil, but we explore his earlier days on the gritty streets of New York. The story mainly focuses on Misty Knight and her relationship with Daredevil and other superheroes. As a detective with the New York Police Department, Misty has very strong feelings about the superheroes (and supervillains) running around New York.

Nrama: Marcio, what do you think it is about Daredevil that makes him unique to draw? What did you want to bring out of this story? 

Marcio Takara: I like to draw Daredevil with heavy shadows. He's basically naked, so that gives me freedom to explore anatomy and body language. My plan is to show his facial expressions as clearly as possible, as well. The way he fights is something I'm careful to explore, too.

Nrama: Daredevil has this history of going back and forth between heavy-crime to swashbuckling adventures, on the spectrum of that, where does Matt belong in your opinion? 

Schultz: Part of me wants to say “swashbuckling adventures” (and I’m getting some Kurt/Nightcrawler in Excalibur visions right now) just because things can be so dark nowadays. But growing up around New York City, I know the truth of where he comes from, so “heavy-crime” seems more authentic.

Takara: I think a balance of both works for me. I'm a huge fan of Frank Miller's Daredevil. And Mark Waid's run is fantastic, as well.

Credit: Marcio Takara (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: As a crime writer Erica, how does that influence your vision for Hell's Kitchen? 

Schultz: I’d say my vision of Hell’s Kitchen is less influenced by my crime writing experience and more my life experience. My parents grew up in the Bronx, and we would spend summer days in a hot apartment off Mosholu Parkway visiting my grandparents. Despite my address not being within the five boroughs, we pretty much grew up there. Being in my early 40s now, I’ve seen the cycle of the city with gentrification and deterioration, which neighborhoods are “hot” and which aren’t. Now, Hell’s Kitchen is lively, inclusive, and filled with swanky fusion places. Rudy’s has remained, but you’ve got condos going up promising views of the Hudson.

Getting back to the actual question, as a crime writer, and as me, I tend to search for the most depraved and gritty parts of something because I find that more interesting.

Nrama: So Misty is teaming up with Matt here and it seems they're both new to their respective game, how do you play off their interactions here?

Credit: Marcio Takara (Marvel Comics)

Schultz: Misty’s “newness” to this game has more to do with the sudden surge of vigilante superheroes. As a detective, she’s steadfast and knows her stuff. Matt, on the other hand, is good at what he does, but his relationships with actual people still need work.

Nrama: Can you talk about what Matt and Misty are up against here?

Schultz: We can’t give spoilers, but just know that it’s a pretty big deal, and something that’s current in the MU right now.

Nrama: Lastly, will we see anybody else in this issue learning the ropes we might recognize?

Schultz: You won’t see anyone new learning the ropes, but you may catch a glimpse of the MU’s favorite snitch.

Takara: Yes, and it will be fun. I can't wait to show those pages.

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