How [REDACTED] Returns in GREEN LANTERNS #53 - And Where They Got Their New Powers

Green Lanterns #53
Credit: Marco Santucci/Hi-Fi/Dave Sharpe (DC Comics)
Credit: Mike Perkins/Hi-Fi (DC Comics)

Spoilers ahead for this week's Green Lanterns #53.

At the end of this week’s Green Lanterns #53, readers learned that not only is Cyborg Superman part of the storyline being written by Dan Jurgens (as announced in prior solicitations), but he’s somehow using the rings to communicate with and control the Green Lantern Corps.

With the character’s appearance, Jurgens is utilizing a character he created more than 25 years ago, now incorporating him into his Green Lanterns arc with artists Mike Perkins and Marco Santucci.

But although Cyborg Superman has plenty of history with the Green Lantern Corps, his return doesn’t make much sense at first glance. The last time readers saw Cyborg Superman, he had been imprisoned in the Fortress of Solitude.

Credit: Marco Santucci/Hi-Fi/Dave Sharpe (DC Comics)

As issue #53, he was still imprisoned in the Fortress. But he had somehow manipulated Simon Baz to work toward freeing him.

So how did he pull it off? Newsarama talked to Jurgens to find out more about the end of Green Lanterns #53 and why this villain made sense for Jurgens’ arc on the series, which continues September 9 with #54.

Newsarama: Dan, we just learned who the villain is in Green Lanterns in issue #53. I know it was teased in solicitations, but now that it’s official, is he the reason the rings have been so wonky?

Dan Jurgens: Yeah, what we’ve seen all along are indications that something is wrong with the rings. Something is getting the rings to lie to the wearers, to have one ring tell Jessica one thing, for example, and have Simon’s tell him another.

And what we reveal at the end of Green Lanterns #53 is that Cyborg Superman has been behind all of this all along.

Credit: Mike Perkins/Hi-Fi (DC Comics)

Nrama: OK, so how did he pull this off?

Jurgens: What he was able to do, since we had last seen him imprisoned in Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, is he used Kryptonian technology that’s there for his consciousness to get inside the Central Power Battery to inhabit the rings when they recharged.

Cyborg Superman is able to live inside technology and take over technology. And there are enough technological components in the rings that allow him to do this.

Nrama: There’s a history between Cyborg Superman and the Green Lanterns, isn’t there? Is that part of why you wanted to utilize this villain when you got your hands on the Corps?

Jurgens: Yeah, Cyborg Superman is the one who destroyed Coast City and set Hal Jordan off with his entire Parallax storyline, you know, when Kyle Rayner stepped in for him. So he actually has this long association with the Green Lanterns. So I think he ends up being the perfect villain for this.

Nrama: The Corps isn’t the only one with history with this character, Dan. As you come back to this character again, how is this different from how you’ve written him before?

Credit: Chris Stevens (DC Comics)

Jurgens: I think it’s different because - and we’re going to get into this a little bit deeper as the story unfolds - Cyborg Superman is somewhat manipulative. And one of the things he does not buy into is this notion that the Green Lanterns are free from fear.

So that ends up being a very strong and powerful component here that gives him something he can play with.

There’s also going to be something that comes into this story in issue #54 that actually makes him even more powerful and the perfect adversary for the Green Lanterns.

So we keep dealing our cards of mystery one issue at a time.

Credit: Mike Perkins/Hi-Fi (DC Comics)

Nrama: So there’s a source of power here that we don’t know about?

Jurgens: Yeah, at the end of #53, we found out it’s Cyborg Superman, but then we also find out in #54 there’s something else that’s been a very big part of this story that makes Henshaw even more powerful. And as I said, that really sets him up to square off with the Green Lantern Corps.

Nrama: How has it been working not only with this villain, but being able to write him with the Green Lantern Corps?

Jurgens: It’s been fun. It’s weird that through the “Death of Superman” stuff, which did involve Hal Jordan and even “Zero Hour” - and I hate to refer to things that were that long ago - which was Hal Jordan as Parallax, I’ve certainly contributed to doing Green Lantern stuff. But this is really my first crack at writing the Corps, and it’s been a great deal of fun.

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