Marvel Changes THANOS Poster Art, Offers Returns for Disappointed Customers

Thanos Legacy #1 variant
Credit: Ron Lim (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Geoff Shaw (Marvel Comics)

A new Thanos poster was released by Marvel Comics earlier this month - but it wasn't the poster retailers ordered.

Marvel solicited a poster with this Ron Lim art above, which is a variant to Thanos Legacy #1. What arrived to retailers for a August 8 on-sale date was a poster utilizing Geoff Shaw's Thanos Legacy #1 primary cover (seen at right)

"Thanos Poster (JUN181000, $8.99) was printed and shipped out with different art then solicited," reads Marvel's statement to retailers. "If the shipped poster art is not to a Retailer or their consumer’s liking, they may return copies of this poster."

Individuals who wish to return the posters are told to contact the retailer they bought it from.

No reason was given for the change.

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