HERO TOMORROW November 2018 Solicitations

Hero Tomorrow November 2018 cover
Credit: Hero Tomorrow

Apama The Undiscovered Animal #5
Writers: Ted Sikora & Milo Miller
Art: Benito Gallego
Colors: Ted Sikora
Cover Artist: Benito Gallego
Variant Cover Artist: Nikolaus Harrison
Apama discovers that the legend of the Helltown Cult is a lot more than just a scary campfire story. Witness the first appearance of Apama’s arch-nemesis – Regina, the human bad-trip – a psycho-delic hippie flowerchild gone wrong! (Soon to be starring in her own series!) This ain't no Summer of Love!
Genre: Superhero
Full Color / 32 pages / $3.99
Apama The Undiscovered Animal #5 is in stores November 7th, 2018!

Tap Dance Killer #3
Writer: Ted Sikora
Art: Nikolaus Harrison
Colors: David Baf Gallart & Ted Sikora
Cover Artist: Nikolaus Harrison
Variant Cover Artist: Victor Pérez Díaz
Nikki St Clair’s acting skills take her to the seedy part of the town where she gets the lowdown on a drug house with business that’s booming! Sir Terror, Punchline, and Uzi Clown join in on a plan to take them out, but threats against the Vaude-Villains are blooming like poppies in a field.
Genre: Crime, Supernatural
Full Color / 32 pages / $3.99
Tap Dance Killer #3 is in stores November 7th, 2018!

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