John Layman & Afu Chan Launch OUTER DARKNESS

Outer Darkness #1
Credit: SkyBound
Credit: SkyBound

SkyBound has announced Outer Darkness, a new series from writer Jon Layman and artist Afu Chan.

Set in the far future, in a sci-fi world where humans are at war with aliens throughout the galaxy, Outer Darkness follows the crew of a starship on a mission in war-torn space.

Outer Darkness #1 is due out on shelves November 14. Here's the full solicitation, along with the cover:

Outer Darkness #1
Credits: Creator/Writer: John Layman
Creator/Artist: Afu Chan
Letterer: Pat Brossueau
Editor: Sean Mackiewicz, Jon Moisan
Synopsis: A world of sci-fi and horror. Outer Darkness is set seven hundred years in the future, against the background of a war between humanity and a savage alien race. Mankind has mastered interstellar travel and colonized the galaxy. but during our travels into space, we’ve discovered a horrible truth. When a body dies, its spirit is cast into space, into the terrible, infinite “outer darkness”. Turns out, space is filled with spirits, ghosts, demons and all manner of necro-essences… that are lonely, scared, confused, corrupted, or just plain pissed! Demonic possession, hauntings, cosmic horror… all as commonplace on a Starship as extraterrestrial encounters and alien attacks. Outer space is terrifying. Final Retail cutoff order: October 22, 2018 In-stores: November 14, 2018

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