Infinity Wars #2
Credit: Marvel Comics

Infinity Wars #2 from writer Gerry Duggan and artists Mike Deodato, Jr. and Frank Martin shows the true power of the Infinity Stones – and reveals that all may not be as it seems for Thanos and Gamora – as the heroes unite to take on Gamora as the newly-christened Requiem.

Spoilers ahead for Infinity Wars #2.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Opening on a flashback to Gamora’s childhood, readers see Thanos telling her someday, someone will kill him. As it turns out, that someone is actually Gamora, as seen previously. Her murder of Thanos is replayed, but this time, we see that Gamora still feels Thanos’ presence and hears his voice.

Jumping back to where the previous issue left off - with Gamora killing Star-Lord - Infinity Wars #2 quickly undoes his fate through the power of Doctor Strange using the Time Stone. Strange uses his stone to flit through the battlefield, taking Turk Barrett to another dimension. There Strange negotiates to let Turk leave - and keep the money he earned using the Mind Stone - if he hands it over. Turk agrees, on the condition that Strange owe him a favor. Turk is sent home to his apartment, and Strange returns to the battle just in time for the Avengers’ arrival as Gamora is tearing through the assembled heroes.

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Turk’s villain gang runs off, and the Avengers confront Gamora. Quill tells Thor he believes Thanos could be controlling her. Gamora refuses to yield, so Captain Marvel swoops her into space, returning to Earth with the now unconscious Gamora.

But it’s all a ruse – Gamora has seized Captain Marvel’s Reality Stone, and uses her illusion to take the Time and Mind Stones from Strange. She uses her Infinity Stones to subdue Captain America, Doctor Strange, and Iron Man, and uses the Power Stone sword to behead Adam Warlock, grabbing the Soul Stone. Black Widow arrives with the Space Stone to fight her, but Gamora wins, seizing the final Infinity Stone.

Credit: Marvel Comics

With all the Stones assembled (and Thanos’ voice in her head urging her on), Gamora opens the Soul Stone reuniting with the part of her that hides inside.

But before she can act to fix the Soul Stone, Loki shows up on his mystic Viking ship and tells her “That might not be necessary,” reaching out his hand.

The story continues in September 12’s Infinity Wars #3 - which will introduce the “Infinity Warps” mash-up heroes.

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