OLD MAN LOGAN's 'Final' Story to Unfold in New DEAD MAN LOGAN Title

Dead Man Logan #1
Credit: Declan Shalvey (Marvel Comics)

Old Man Logan ends in October, but his story doesn't - it continues in November with the 12-part limited series Dead Man Logan.

"This is it. This is going to be the big, final Old Man Logan story," series writer Brisson told Newsarama. "Logan's dying and still has a lot of unfinished business to attend to. Dead Man Logan will largely be Logan tying up loose ends - loose ends like Mysterio, the man who, in Old Man Logan's timeline, caused him to kill all of the X-Men. That's not a box that Logan's going to leave unchecked."

That "unchecked box" goes back nine years to the original "Old Man Logan" storyline by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven in Wolverine, where Wolverine killed over 40 villains who attacked Xavier's Mansion only to learn it was an illusion by Mysterio and they were really his fellow X-Men. In this alternate timeline, that led Logan to disavow the 'Wolverine' name and attempt to quietly retire.

"We've got lots of big battles and some crazy stuff in store," Brisson continued. "With a title like Dead Man Logan, it's probably no surprise where we're going. This one's all about the journey."

Joining Brisson on Dead Man Logan is Daredevil artist Mike Henderson, who previously drew Logan in the Old Man Logan vs. Deadpool limited series.

"It's a huge thrill to be involved in the last journey of a character so many people have invested so much in, and to be able to do it with Ed and colorist Nolan Woodard makes it that much more exciting," said Henderson. "I'd been wanting to collaborate with each of them for some time so getting to work with them both at once seems like sorcery. I'm having a blast with these scripts and Nolan is already making me look good."

Brisson revealed to Newsarama that he has been wanting to work with Henderson for the past seven years.

"I've been following Mike's work closely for...I don't know how long," said Brisson. "I did just recently find an email I'd sent him way back in 2011, telling him that I'd love to work with him on something one day and it feels good to finally have that chance. He and I have been discussing a lot of really big and crazy action pieces that I think people are going to love."

Joining the trio as cover artist is Declan Shalvey, who wrote Henderson's Old Man Logan vs. Deadpool.

"The second I heard about this book I knew I wanted to be involved somehow," said Shalvey. "I've been a fan of Ed's work for years, and consider myself a Mike Henderson acolyte. Both creators are at the top of their game, I can't wait to see what readers make of this brilliant new series. Let's give the grumpy old bastard a great send-off!"

"I can't think of anyone I'd rather have making our covers pop off the shelf than Declan," Henderson added. "I can't wait for everyone to see what we're cooking up."

Here is the solicitation for November's Dead Man Logan #1 - look for Marvel's full November 2018 solicitations later this month on Newsarama.

Credit: Declan Shalvey (Marvel Comics)

The writing’s been on the wall for months now… Logan is dying. And he ain’t getting any better. Sick from the Adamantium coating his skeleton, his search for a cure has led to nothing but dead ends. But for once he’s actually trying to leave this world with some unfinished business… Can Logan take his last breath without slaughtering the X-Men again? Not if Mysterio has anything to say about it…
Superstar creative team ED BRISSON (OLD MAN LOGAN, UNCANNY X-MEN) and MIKE HENDERSON (DEADPOOL VS. OLD MAN LOGAN), with covers by DECLAN SHALVEY (MOON KNIGHT), is putting this old dog out of his misery with a bang!

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