DAN JURGENS Makes 'Harley Debut' with HARLEY QUINN #50

Harley Quinn #50
Credit: Amanda Conner/Paul Mounts (DC Comics)
Dan Jurgens
Dan Jurgens
Credit: DC Entertainment

DC has confirmed to Newsarama that one of the artists drawing September 19's milestone Harley Quinn #50 will be Dan Jurgens. As the artist makes what he calls his "Harley debut,"  his pages will be something particularly suited to him.

"Dan is a legend, so I'm honored he agreed to put his legacy at risk by co-creating some of the craziest pages DC has ever published," said Harley Quinn writer Sam Humphries. "I can't quite explain why, but when you see the pages, you will understand instantly why Dan was the perfect choice to draw them and why these pages could only happen when Harley Quinn destroys DC continuity."

Credit: Amanda Conner/Paul Mounts (DC Comics)

Jurgens tells Newsarama that he became involved with Harley Quinn #50 after hearing about the issue during this year's Comic Con International: San Diego.

"It just so happens that Sam and I were on a panel together at San Diego," Jurgens explained. "While talking about Harley Quinn #50, Sam dropped some tantalizing hints on the audience regarding his story for that issue - so much so that I was intrigued as well.

"When DC contacted me and asked me to draw a couple of pages, I simply couldn’t say no,” the writer/artist said. "I jumped on board and had a great time doing my first official Harley work!"

Harley Quinn #50 is scheduled to have a story titled "Harley Saves the Universe!", written by Humphries and drawn by Jurgens, John Timms, and unnamed others.

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