Marvel's WEAPON X Ending 'Fairly Soon', According to Co-Writer

Marvel Comics October 2018 solicitations
Credit: Rahzzah (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Rahzzah (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Comics' Weapon X ongoing will be ending "fairly soon" according to co-writer Fred Van Lente.

"I do Weapon X for Marvel which is super fun, but that ends fairly soon," Van Lente said on this weekend's War Rocket Ajax podcast. The writer mentioned this in passing, and didn't go into further detail. Van Lente, who has co-written the book intermittently with Greg Pak since Weapon X #7.

When reached out to elaborate, Van Lente declined to comment. Marvel and Pak did not respond to our request for comment.

This week's Weapon X #22 has been solicited by the publisher as "a fresh start" for the book. Weapon X was launched in April 2017, and is solicited through October with #24.

In recent weeks Marvel has confirmed the ending of several other X-titles, including X-Men: Gold, X-Men: Blue, and Old Man Logan. November's relaunch of Uncanny X-Men has been positioned as a new era for the X-Men line at Marvel.

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