ROBOCOP Reboot Director Wants The Original ROBOCOP Back

Credit: MGM

Neill Blomkamp, director of MGM's in development Robocop reboot film, has named his pick for who should take the role of Alex Murphy in his film: Peter Weller, the actor to originally hold the role.

Blomkamp stated he'd like Weller in the role in response to a fan asking who he'd cast. It's unclear if Blomkamp's comments were an indicator that Weller is already involved in the film.

However, Blomkamp stated when he got the job that his film was a "sequel" - though he did not specify if it would be a sequel to the original film series, or a sequel to the 2014 reboot which starred Joel Kinnaman in the title role.

No projected release date for Blomkamp's Robocop film has been announced.

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