Ambidextrous #316- To Be Continued

Okay, so, this will be the last Ambidextrous installment published on Newsarama…

No big reason for the decision, just a bunch of little ones, and before anyone gets started, the recent acquisition of this site (and a couple others) by a new parent company is not one of them. Moving on is something I’ve been considering for a long while now, and in the weeks since my Alias/Planetary posting blitz, the initial anxiety over it was slowly replaced by the same type of excitement I got when the column migrated over to Newsarama in the first place. I’ve reached a place where I’d like to expand my subject matter a little bit, and on this site it’d likely read as entirely self-indulgent, instead of the moderately self-indulgent vibe everyone is used to from me. So that said, though the content of Ambidextrous is slightly shifting focus, and changing homes, it's all business as usual, given that the column has changed course several times over its eight year run.

Now, it's going to become one of several moving parts at my brand new <a href=>The Fiction House</a> blog, which shares the same name as my personal site, and is now live and fully operational. The column will be a regular feature, as some of the tangents that often appeared in it are broken out into their very own dedicated features. This means more in the near future, and because of that I’ve preloaded the blog with all of the past installments thus far. I’ll also be doing a weekly bit called , that’ll include a much more comprehensive look at my weekly purchases, and supply a platform to publicly gush about my favorite book of the week. It’ll be something of a combination of (thanks, Gail Simone) from way back, and that bit I was doing before the site revamp. Only the material will come to you wilder and faster, and hopefully more topical, as I settle into being my own boss, and drowning on the absolute power a personal blog provides.

Plus, I’m pleased to report that Miranda Mercury once again has a working colorist, so expect many more updates on that front as we edge closer and closer to the eventual re-launch. Not being able to talk more publicly about this book has been extremely difficult the last few months, but I'm cautiously optimistic that we've cleared a major hurdle and that the book will soon exist in comic stores once again. Also planning to take full advantage of the opportunity to talk more about music, movies, games, etc. without stepping on anyone else’s toes. I've just gotten started, but very excited about being able to immediately post my work like this, and there's a large list of other things I'll be giving a try over the coming months.

A final special thanks to Matt Brady, who invited me onto the site in the first place, and to current site runner Michael Doran, who offered me an opportunity to publish this piece to bow out properly, and let you all know what comes next. Thanks for all of the kind words over the last couple years, and no hard feelings about the not-so kind ones. It was an absolute pleasure to have my work featured on the site that many of us consider to be THE place for comics' news, and thanks for sharing some very important moments in my life (the passing of our dog, my wedding, being laid off, etc.). The more personal bits were always things I thought twice about mentioning here, but you guys made it worth doing.

If you’re interested in the next installment, #317 should already be posted in the brand new digs, along with some trial runs of the blog's main features. Comments are more than welcome, and there's a handy link there to subscribe for regular updates. Hope to see some of you there, and I wish my fellow Newsarama staff writers the absolute best.


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