Who is JACKPOT? Sony's Next Bet On a SPIDER-MAN Spin-Off

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Alongside the announcement that Sony is cancelling its planned Silver and Black Spider-Man spin-off film in favor of separate movies for Black Cat and Silver Sable, Sony slipped in a tidbit that the studio is developing a film based on the Marvel Comics character Jackpot.

If you’re asking yourself “…Who?” don’t worry Tiger, you’re not alone.

Though she was briefly a big deal, the character, who debuted as part of Amazing Spider-Man’s “Brand New Day” relaunch, hasn’t been seen much since her early adventures.

So, who the heck is Jackpot?

When Jackpot debuted, the mystery surrounding her true identity implied that she was actually Mary Jane Watson, who had just separated from Peter Parker following “One More Day” (“separated” is an over-simplification – Mephisto magically stole their marriage). With her red hair and codename seemingly based on MJ’s famous line “Face it Tiger, you just hit the Jackpot,” the clues pointed to MJ being behind the gold and green mask.

But as it turns out, Jackpot was actually two women – and Mary Jane was neither one of them.

The first Jackpot was Sara Ehret, a geneticist working at an Oscorp subsidiary. While working on a Parkinson’s cure, she was exposed to her concoction “Formula 777,” which left her in a coma – and gave her super strength. After the birth of her child, Sara became an Avengers Initiative sanctioned superhero operating out of New York.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Sara’s career was short lived, however – she decided to return to a normal life, and so she sold her Jackpot costume and identity to Alana Jobson who had no powers but relied on Mutant Growth Hormone and other serums for her powers.

Taking Sara’s place in the Initiative, Alana wound up teaming up with Spider-Man to take down the Goblin-esque Menace, but later died during Secret Invasion while saving the lives of Dexter Bennett, the then-owner of the Daily Bugle, and his staff. Jackpot was killed by a Super-Skrull while rescuing the civilians from the rubble of the newspaper offices.

There’s a twist, though – after Alana Jobson’s death, Spider-Man tracked Sara Ehret down and blamed her lack of responsibility for Alana’s death. After Boomerang murdered her husband, Sara returned to fighting crime as Jackpot, taking Alana Jobson’s identity to protect her young daughter from the criminal empire of the Rose.

Jackpot was last seen in her own three-issue mini-series published in 2010.

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