Exclusive: Zenescope Launches Sci-Fi Line, more Horror

Exclusive: Zenescope Launches Sci-Fi!

Zenescope 2010 New Releases

Zenescope Entertainment, the company behind the extremely popular Grimm Fairy Tales and Wonderland reinventions that offer the ultimate blend of horror, fantasy and sci-fi, has announced plans for a brand new slate of mini-series hitting shelves in early 2010. Here is your first look at story teases and covers of several new series!

Grimm Fairy Tales' NEVERLAND

7 issue mini-series

The creators of Grimm Fairy Tales and spinoff series Return to Wonderland bring you a dark and thrilling new addition to the Grimm Universe.  The one known only as Pan has found the key to immortality and a way to rule the mystical realm of Neverland forever.  But what he requires to keep himself young is absolutely horrifying.

Once a magical paradise, Pan has reshaped Neverland into the ultimate nightmare for any child unlucky enough to end up there.  And only one has ever been able to escape the horror.  Now a bitter and tortured grown man, Hook may very well be the only person who can put a stop to Pan's evil!

Grimm Fairy Tales writer Joe Brusha reinvents the mythology of one of the most recognized tales of all time in this horrifying and mesmerizing spin on a classic!

Featuring cover art by superstars David Finch (Ultimatum) and Eric Basaldua (Witchblade)!



4 issue mini-series

Up and coming writer, Raven Gregory, the creator and writer of Image Comics THE GIFT and Zenescope's Wonderland trilogy brings you an innovative and totally original new take on the zombie mythos that will have fans talking for months to come.  In New York City four detectives investigating two random murders begin to discover clues that the victims of these heinous crimes may actually be returning to avenge their own deaths.  Now, in a race against time they must discover those responsible for the murders and uncover the supernatural source behind the “wakings.” 

Featuring covers from superstar artist Dave Finch (Ultimatum), J. Scott Campbell (Danger Girl), and EBAS (Witchblade)


4 issue Anthology

From writers Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Tim Abram Cox and Raven Gregory comes the Sci-Fi Anthology you’ve been waiting for!

In the not so distant future, advanced technology will create possibilities we would never have dreamed of in the 20th century.  However, there is a downside to such advancements and sometimes evolving too fast can turn our dreams into complete nightmares.

Four one-shot issues from the minds behind some of the best sci-fi and horror comics on shelves today beginning January 2010.



5 issue mini-series

The year is 2012 and Earthy has finally made contact with an alien species, however the message is very clear: Fight or Die!   Forced to participate in an intergalactic gladiatorial battle that pits highly evolved species from various planets against one another, Earth's people must pick their best warriors to compete in the ancient combat ritual of AGON, a tournament which will ultimately determine the fate of the planet. 

This Sci-Fi series from Zenescope will absolutely mesmerize you in its originality and stunning visuals! Featuring cover by superstar artist Sean Chen (Iron Man, Fantastic Four)


5 issue mini-series

For ten years Sonny Grissom was the best mercenary money could buy.  Upgrading his body through cybernetic enhancements and powerful steroid boosters to stay at the top of his game was second nature. But after years of serious mistreatment, Sonny's body is failing and his time is quickly coming to an end. 

With his conscience eating away, Grissom decides to gear up and accept the most daring contract of his wasted life, one that can save thousands of lives and give him a final shot at redemption.

This is the action thriller from Zenescope Entertainment that will blow your mind!


All books will be in stores Jan/Feb of 2010 and are now available to order in PREVIEWS

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