KRAVEN THE HUNTER Screenwriter Hired - Report

Amazing Spider-Man #294
Credit: Mike Zeck (Marvel Comics)

Sony Pictures has hired Richard Wenk to write the script for Kraven the Hunter, according to Collider. Kraven was one of several characters mentioned back in 2017 as possible Sony Spider-Verse movies, along with Mysterio.

Additionally, Sony Pictures' Executive Vice President Palak Patel is reportedly emerging as the key figure in figuring out Sony's Spider-Man-less Spider-Verse family of films. Patel isn't in charge of the films like Kevin Feige at Marvel Studios or Walter Hamada at DC Films, but Collider explains that Patel is one of Columbia Pictures president Sanford Panitch's direct subordinates and "is often pulled into development meetings for films based on Marvel characters."

No release date for Kraven the Hunter has been announced.

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