BLACK PANTHER Hits $1.346 Billion Worldwide As it Continues to Prowl In Theaters

Black Panther
Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

Marvel Studios' Black Panther continues to prowl in theaters, with this weekend's totals pushing it to a $1.346 billion box office take worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo. That breaks down to $699.9 million in North America and $646.6m internationally. Despite being released on home video in early May, Black Panther is playing in a reported 18 screens.

That $1.346b global box office makes Blank Panther the third-highest grossing Marvel Cinematic Universe of all time, behind Avengers: Infinity War ($2.017b), Avengers ($1.519b) and Avengers: Age of Ultron ($1.408b). The Ryan Coogler-direct film is, however, the highest grossing solo MCU film, trumping Iron Man 3 ($1.215b) and Captain America: Civil War ($1.153b).

Originally released in theaters February 16, Black Panther has now been in theaters 166 days - it is nine days away from breaking Guardians of the Galaxy's 175-day run in theaters.

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