RUNAWAYS's Second Season Debuting This Fall, Will Bring in More MARVEL Characters

Credit: Hulu

The currently in-production Runaways season 2 will bring in some new characters from the comic books, according to executive producers and co-showrunners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage.

“There are some characters who appear in the book who are appearing in Season 2,” Schwartz told Deadline during a set visit. “They are really popular, exciting characters,” added Savage, though the pair could not reveal who the new characters joining the show would be.

Additionally, the upcoming season will "accelerate" the journey of the show's titular young heroes, putting a ticking clock on their parents' hunt for them.

“It’s going to accelerate. We are now running with our kids. Our focus shifts to these kids and trying to survive in the streets… there’s a greater sense of tension and momentum in keeping with where we are in this part of the story," explained Schwartz. “In the real world, young people are dealing with adult themes. The world the adults are leaving young people, there’s a responsibility on young people to fix this world. It feels so broken in so many ways. That is also a theme for our characters and for the show.”

Runaways season 2 will premiere in fall 2018, though no specific release date has been announced.

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