REQUIEM's Identity Revealed in INFINITY WARS #1 - SPOILERS

Page from 'Infinity Countdown #1'
Credit: Marvel Comics

With Marvel’s big summer event Infinity Wars now officially kicked off with #1 from writer Gerry Duggan and artists Mike Deodato, Jr. and Frank Martin, the fate of the Infinity Stones may hinge on the actions of a new character named Requiem... who as it turns out, isn't new at all.

To find out who they are and what their goals are, read on.

Spoilers ahead for Infinity Wars #1.

Credit: Marvel Comics

With all six Infinity Stones now accounted for, Doctor Strange calls a meeting of the new Infinity Watch – the holders of the stones. Peter Quill argues with Gamora about going to the meeting. She would rather use the Power Stone to seize the Soul Stone and free the part of her soul still trapped there. She and Quill kiss, and part ways.

At the meeting, the group debates what should be done with the stones to protect them from Thanos, Strange and Captain Marvel use the Reality and Time stones to search for the Mad Titan. Finding him beheaded (following the events  of Infinity Countdown Prime #1), the group immediately begins planning their next steps.

Seeing an opportunity, Turk Barrett, the criminal who holds the Mind Stone, reveals that he knows the Power Stone held by Peter Quill is a fake. Shocked, the group asks if he can tell where the real one is, thanks to the power of the Mind Stone. “Up,” says Barrett, as a melee between the assembled heroes and Barrett’s army of B-list supervillains ensues.

Credit: Marvel Comics

At this moment, Requiem arrives, brandishing the Power Stone in the hilt of her sword. She demands the stones, saying she does not wish to take them by force. A fight kicks off anyway, with Rocket blasting Requiem’s mask off revealing her identity – it’s Gamora, having stolen the Power Stone from Quill before leaving him at the start of the issue (side note – before this reveal, writer Gerry Duggan referred to Requiem as “him” in an interview with Newsarama).

Standing face to face with Quill, Gamora demands the stones. Quill refuses, saying “You won’t kill me.”

“Nothing ever dies Peter,” says Gamora - right before impaling him on her sword.

The story continues in Infinity Wars #2, on shelves August 15.

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