GRANT MORRISON & LIAM SHARP's GREEN LANTERN Team-Up Caused by Universe 'Conspiring'

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Credit: DC Entertainment
Credit: DC Entertainment

When Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp launch their new run on Green Lantern in November, it will be the last step in what Sharp half-jokingly believes was the universe "conspiring" to bring them together.

Over the last couple years, the two creators have been running into each other and talking more than usual - but never actually worked together until now. Eventually, their discussions turned toward working together and, when an opportunity arose at DC to revamp the Green Lantern series, the stage was set for their collaboration.

Credit: DC Entertainment

It wasn't a likely pairing: Sharp, a British writer/artist who recently finished up a run on Wonder Woman but had never worked with Morrison before, and Morrison, the superstar Scottish writer who in 2012 swore of monthly superhero comic book runs and usually works with artists he already knows.

But circumstances being what they are, readers will get a new Green Lantern series from Morrison and Sharp in November that focuses on Hal Jordan.

And instead of the apocalypse-ending, long-form stories readers have seen in more recent Green Lantern runs, Morrison and Sharp's approach will be what the writer calls a "police procedural" that focuses on the "everyday life of a space cop" who "patrols a sector of the universe where anything can happen."

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Following the announcement of their project at Comic-Con International: San Diego, Newsarama talked to Liam about how the two creators were united for their new approach to Green Lantern.

Newsarama: Liam, I know you can't talk too much about the content of your upcoming project with Grant Morrison, but how did this new project come together?

Liam Sharp: It was a whole bunch of things, really. It was like the whole universe was slowly conspiring to bring me and Grant together.

We've known each other for years, for literally decades. But we've never worked together.

Nrama: Had you talked about working together at all?

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Sharp: We hadn't really talked that much until the last two and a half years or so. Chance kept putting us together in the same sort of space.

Nrama: Such as?

Sharp: The Wonder Woman premiere. It's funny. It was before that... I'd done a podcast, I can't remember which one it was, and they were a couple of huge Grant Morrison fans. And we ended up talking about a book that I'd written called Paradise Rex.

And they said, "Oh my God, you've got to get Grant to read that. It sounds like it'd be right up his street." And I said, actually, Grant's one of those guys that I'm so in awe of that I tend to get a little bit nervous around him and tongue-tied. I can't get any words out properly.

And they said, you should talk. I bet you'd talk for hours.

Anyway, about two weeks later, I saw him in San Diego, and he gave me this huge hug. It was weird. It was like, OK, everything's changing now. We're talking.

Credit: DC Entertainment

Nrama: So did he read Paradise Rex?

Sharp: He'd actually read that book and had fallen in love with it and said, we've got to talk about it. We've got to talk about it.

It seemed like we had this sort of meeting of minds.

And then at the Wonder Woman premiere, we just gabbled on like old maids for about an hour and a half, something like that.

Nrama: So the podcasters were right. At that point, were you talking about working together?

Sharp: We started talking about doing some project together, but we had no idea what.

Then Dan DiDio ran this whole Green Lantern idea past Grant, and Grant was like, "Oh man, I really didn't want to do anything mainstream…"

But the idea was like an earworm in his head and he just couldn't stop thinking about it.

And then Dan phoned me up and said, "This is a bit out of left field, but how would you feel about Green Lantern with Grant?"

And I was like … well, it's done. It's a done deal. It's got to happen. Of course. How can I say no?

It's like it was meant to happen. So yeah, it's a bit of a roundabout story, but that's what brought us two together.

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